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Concert director Morgenstern explained when fans will see the rapper in Russia again

Morgenstern’s performance in the capital’s club Gipsy was canceled after the news of the rapper’s “flight” abroad.

Concert Morgentshern will take place in Russia not earlier than spring. The concert director of the shocking performer Vladimir Shavgulidze told the journalists of Channel Five about this.

He confirmed that the musician’s concert at the Moscow club Gipsy is postponed indefinitely. Most likely, according to the rapper’s representative, the performance will take place in the spring.

A tour of the artist across Russia is also not planned yet.

“Only if there are private events. Solo concerts are not planned in the near future. Now all entertainment events are prohibited,” Shavgulidze is quoted as saying. Fifth channel.

A couple of days ago, Morgenstern left Russia for Belarus with his wife Dilara Zinatullina. The couple will fly from Minsk to Dubai.

The departure of Morgenstern caused a lot of controversy, since Alexander Bastrykin in an online conference accused the musician of drug dealing on social networks.

Morgenstern escaped from Russia? | The rapper left for Belarus after the words of Bastrykin

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