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the girl who beat her friend says it was a staged video

In Elektrostal, a schoolgirl beat her friend. The fight was filmed, it flew around all social networks.

It shows how a teenage girl kicks a friend in the head, and then many times with her hands.

As reported Moscow region today, the girls have been friends since the first grade. They gathered together at the victim’s home. Several more girlfriends came to them.

According to the attacker, it was a staged video.

Witnesses say that the reason for the conflict was that the girl called her friend’s father an alcoholic.

After the incident, acquaintances of the beating woman boycotted her. Until she goes to school.

As the ombudsman for the rights of the child in the Moscow region told Ksenia Mishonova, the actions and statements of children are striking in their cruelty.

“Everything happened at the injured girl’s home. Now a procedural check is being carried out. The KDN and PDN are working with the families. The law enforcement agencies will assess everything. A psychologist communicates with the girls. We understand the situation,” she said.

Cruelty with a baby face

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