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“Cranberries are when a fantasy absurdity and absurdity”

Artist-restorer, collector of old Russian costume Marina Popova in an interview with Pravda.Ru spoke about the national costume of her son Ksenia Sobchak, which the journalist herself called “unconvincing.”

Popova did not share Sobchak’s doubts about the choice of costume. The specialist did not see bad manners and “pseudo-Russian style” in the outfit of the heir to Sobchak and described the child’s outfit as “funny” and “cute”.

“I am glad that interest is waking up in traditional clothes,” noted Marina Popova.

The restorer artist favorably appreciated the cap and ports in the boy’s outfit. Even the satin texture of the fabric did not bother her.

Marina Popova noted that the child’s costume has nothing to do with the concept of “cranberry” (as the admirers of the Russian national costume agreed to call fakes that replace genuine outfits).

“Cranberries are when a fantasy absurdity and absurdity. When a married woman is called a girl, when an old woman is dressed in a girl’s clothes. When there are cranberries and raspberries everywhere, as in the Khokhloma painting,” the expert explained.

Earlier, Sobchak dressed the boy in a folk costume, but she herself doubted whether she had chosen the right clothes for the child to participate in the event in the kindergarten.

“It turned out, in my opinion, unconvincing”, – Ksenia shared her doubts.

The subscribers of the star also added fuel to the fire. They scolded the journalist for dressing the boy “in a Martian costume.”

Fake kokoshnik!

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