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Lukashenko calls on Germany to accept migrants from the Belarusian-Polish border

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko called on the Germans to host migrants who are now on the border with Poland.

“Here, most of the people who want to reunite their families, take these people to your place. This is a small burden for Germany. But the Poles are blocking it all,” he quotes press service of the head of state Lukashenka’s statement during his visit to the transport and logistics center near the Bruzgi checkpoint, where the refugees were accommodated.

The President of Belarus said that the Polish authorities “staged a massacre on the border” in order to distract their own population from the discontent policies of the ruling coalition. Lukashenko called on the Polish authorities to let migrants into Germany.

The head of Belarus stressed that Minsk does not intend to make a policy on the fate of refugees.

“We know and understand you well. You are striving to get to Europe. You were invited there, and you want to get there … You want to reunite your families, and there are many such people,” the president said.

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