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coup in Ukraine is scheduled for December 1

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky stated that he became aware of the preparation of a coup d’etat in the country, which is scheduled for December 1.

According to Zelensky, entrepreneur Rinat Akhmetov was involved in the preparation of the coup d’etat, who allocated billions of dollars for this business. However, the country’s leader noted that he did not believe in the possibility of a coup d’etat and that the businessman would take part in it. However, “Akhmetov is being drawn into this” by his inner circle, the president added.

“Some representatives of the Russian Federation and Ukraine are discussing that society is ready and that it is necessary to convey information that Rinat Akhmetov is ready to change the incumbent president. But this is a coup d’etat. This is a rocking of this situation inside our country,” Zelensky said at a press marathon , which takes place in the Creative State Arsenal coworking space, which is located in the hangar of the Arsenal plant.

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