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It is too early to tighten restrictions due to the new COVID-19 strain, the infectious disease specialist said

In Russia, it is premature to tighten restrictive measures in connection with the detection a new strain of coronavirus infection… This opinion was expressed by the associate professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the PFUR Sergei Voznesensky

He admitted that he was skeptical about decisions made on the basis of publications in the media. The expert urged not to introduce new restrictions until verified official information appears.

According to him, today in the international database of “passports” of different variants of the coronavirus, a new strain is not yet available. As Voznesensky notes, he is not even present in the classification of dangerous varieties of COVID-19 by the World Health Organization, reports RIA News

“Today, it seems to me that all these measures to tighten some anti-epidemic measures based on the available information are extremely premature,” the infectious disease specialist concluded.

Earlier in Daily mail published a warning from scientists from WHO. Experts have announced the identification in Botswana of a new strain of COVID-19, containing 32 mutations.

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