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“I love you very much”: Do Milokhin and Medvedeva have an affair?

In the new issue of “Ice Age” a pair of skaters Evgenia Medvedeva and tiktoker Dani Milokhina there was a kiss. Although this step was required according to the plot of the issue, in which the blogger portrayed Spider-Man, and the athlete portrayed his beloved Mary Jane, this made fans suspect with renewed vigor that the young people were something more to each other than just partners in an ice show. …

According to the publication RTEvgenia Medvedeva herself admitted that the last six months have become the happiest for her in her entire life.

At the end of the number on the show, the couple repeated the famous scene from the film, in which Milokhin, in the guise of Spider-Man, hung upside down, holding on to a rope, and Medvedev gave him a kiss in this position.

Choreographer of the project Maxim Stavisky noted that in this issue, the kiss was a necessity.

“This is not a trump card, but an item of necessity: a kiss is needed in the room. We have not sports competitions, but more theater. And in the theater, if you have to kiss by role, you kiss without a twinge of conscience, without looking back at your spouses – all this is wonderful The guys are young, but if Danya is completely free of complexes and will do everything with pleasure, then Zhenya will probably find it difficult to go for it, “said the director.

For this reason, during the kiss, Milokhin was wearing a mask, which Medvedeva did not take off.

And at a party dedicated to the celebration of her 22nd birthday, Medvedeva herself tenderly confessed her feelings to the Tiktoker.

“Danechka, I am very comfortable and warm with you. I love you very much. I am grateful to you for everything. And you can always rely on me, as, I hope, I am on you,” the skater told the blogger.

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