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this is forever: the governor of the Tyumen region Alexander Moor

Vaccinations against coronavirus it is necessary to put, but it will not relieve us of this disease. The virus will remain forever. So said the governor of the Tyumen region Alexander Moor in an interview with the publication “Echo of Moscow”.

“From the point of view of the functioning of the virus, I think that, probably, forever. That is, how the flu should stay with us. Still, the task of the virus is not to kill, but to live in a biological organism. In this sense, I am an optimist,” Moore said.

He also believes that “the virus will not destroy everyone,” its aggressiveness will subside. And covid will become the same disease as the flu, from which people also die.

The Tyumen governor said he was one of the first to install Sputnik V. According to him, he does not think that vaccination is an experiment in humans.

More than half of the population of the Tyumen region has already been vaccinated and people go for vaccination voluntarily.

“People understand that a large number of individuals have taken root, and, I’m sorry, no one has grown horns. And the most important thing is statistics,” Moore said.

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