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It became known what the Listvyazhnaya miners were complaining about even before the tragedy

Circumstances and causes of the terrible tragedy that occurred in the Listvyazhnaya mine in Kuzbass, continue to investigate. Dmitry Demshin, the deputy prosecutor general, said that no direct link between cotton methane and violations has yet been identified. It also turned out that the miners had complained about the high level of methane even before the incident.

Demshin said that there were indeed complaints, but at the moment it is impossible to say for sure what violations were committed, as well as whether they are the cause of the cotton.

“There have been complaints. The category of violations will be assessed, whether they entailed explosions, so it is too early to judge whether there was a direct causal relationship between cotton methane and violations, an examination will show this, investigative actions will show this,” TASS his words.

Earlier Pravda.Ru wrote about two versions State of emergency at “Listvyazhnaya”. According to the investigation, a violation of the industrial safety requirements of hazardous production facilities was committed in the mine, which led to smoke. The miners themselves claim that there were precisely methane explosions.

“Ordinary workers will be made to blame for the tragedy at the Zasyadko mine”

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