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The head of the Moscow region explained the increase in the number of cameras in the region

Head of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov stated that an increase number of cameras in the region helped to reduce the crime rate in the territory where the corresponding system was installed.

As the head of the region emphasized, the Moscow region is the leader in security among the regions of our country. However, after the census, it turned out that there are more local residents than before, so the authorities decided to improve the security situation. For this, modern technologies were applied in areas of video surveillance, said the governor.

“Before investing in it (video surveillance system. – Approx. ed.) billions of rubles, we looked at the efficiency. Today, we put all the most difficult places, including courtyards, under video surveillance, “Vorobiev said in an interview with” 360 “TV channel.

Earlier in the Moscow region, the cashier-controller Svetlana Tishkina tracked down a missing 12-year-old boy with disabilities. He loved watching trains. To find the child, the employee looked through the daily allowance. camera recording observation. It turned out that he was at the Kursk railway station. For a good deed, Tishkina received an award.

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