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Evelina Bledans said that her family was destroyed by a housekeeper

Russian actress Evelina Bledans said that her au pair, Alena, was to blame for the collapse of her family life. Bledans told about the strange behavior of the housekeeper in an interview with the portal Super

The actress said that the future assistant herself asked to work at her home, as, according to her, the girl admired the star. An assistant helped the actress look after her son. According to Bledans, she did not pay the girl for the work, because they had such an agreement, and the girl allegedly had enough money that she received from her parents.

After a while, Bledans began to notice oddities in the behavior of the assistant, who was struggling to attract the attention of the artist’s husband, Alexandra Syomina, and the press.

“She called Sasha one night, he did not pick up the phone. And we wake up in the morning, and the journalists cut off our phones:” Tell us why your husband beat your nanny? “On all the news, Alena comments that Sasha beat her. After 6 hours, the news appears that Alena has died. That is, that Sasha killed his son’s nanny, “- said the artist.

Because of these events, a rift began between Evelina Bledans and her husband, which led to a divorce in 2017.

Later, the actress found out that her nanny had invented the situation about the beating, although she did not explain why.

Evelina Bledans – divorce, complexes, obscene proposals, raising a son

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