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“We did everything in our power”

Moscow club Gipsy first “froze” the sale of tickets for the show Alisher Morgensternand then announced the cancellation of the rapper’s performance.

Initially, it became known that tickets for the rapper’s concert were temporarily not on sale. Then more extended information

“Friends, unfortunately, Morgenstern will not be able to perform at GIPSY. The concert is postponed until 2022. We did everything in our power. You can use the same tickets to go to SLAVA MARLOW and get + 1000 rubles per bar. Tickets can also be returned. Address:
– by number: +7 (495) 023 88 38
– in ticketscloud. com

Do not swear, you understand, it happened for reasons beyond our control, “the club’s website says.

A black streak began in the life of Alisher Morgenstern. The rapper is under the gun of law enforcement agencies, as his work raises questions from the Investigative Committee.

The artist has already appeared in court and paid a fine for the fact that in his songs they saw the propaganda of prohibited substances.

Head of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin said in an online conference that Morgenstern is essentially a drug dealer on social media. After that, according to media reports, the rapper with his wife Dilara got on the train and went abroad.

In parallel with the departure of the showman, a commission visited his restaurant, which found violations in the work of a catering establishment related to the sale of alcohol and closed the establishment.

Will not return … That is why Morgenstern left Russia and will never return

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