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A student of a Russian rural school invents a robot for the destruction of hogweed

Sixth grader of a rural school in Atepevo near Naro-Fominsk Roman Manidin, who became the youngest participant in the regional competition for robotics, received an award for 3rd place in it. O talented student tells the Internet edition “Moscow Region Today”.

The student had strong competitors in the competition in the person of students of technical centers for additional education and technology parks. Nevertheless, the 12-year-old student showed his abilities perfectly. The young prize-winner was personally congratulated by the head of the Naro-Fominsk urban district administration Roman Shamne.

Geography teacher Irina Rozanova, who helped the boy to present his work at the competition, talked about the young inventor and his project.

“Roma has been fond of robots since early childhood and plans to become a robotics engineer, attends special courses. The idea to create a robot that is relevant for agriculture arose because now there is an active fight against hogweed in the region. The hogweed is a poisonous plant that causes burns, you cannot take it with your bare hands. The robot, invented by Roman, pulls out the plant with its roots with a pincer and injects a chemical into the hole where it grew with a special syringe so that the weed does not grow in this place, “the teacher said.

So far, the schoolboy has invented a small robot, but he hopes that his project will be adopted, and it will become much larger.

Robot against hogweed!

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