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in Crimea announced the escalation of the military conflict

The United States and NATO are deliberately increasing their presence in the Black Sea and create a threat of military conflict. This was stated by the head of the Public Chamber of Crimea Alexander Formanchuk

According to him, a tense situation has remained on the peninsula lately. As Formanchuk notes, in 2021 alone, about 40 ships belonging to NATO countries were seen in the Black Sea. RIA News

“There is a coordinated escalation of tension in the Black Sea,” said the head of the public chamber of Crimea.

He is convinced that the military from the United States and NATO are ready to commit various military provocations in Crimea. Nevertheless, Formachuk believes that Russia will be able to repel the threat, if necessary, with the help of high-tech equipment.

It was previously reported that american missile destroyer went to the Black Sea to monitor “security and stability” with NATO allies.

NATO Fleet Breaks Through to the Black Sea: Preparing for War or an Act of Intimidation?

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