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Kudryavtseva grappled with the postal workers over a request to put on a mask: “I am the king and God!”

Lera Kudryavtseva got into a row with the staff of the post office. The TV presenter was pissed off by the fact that she was refused to issue a parcel without a medical mask.

The TV star in a story on Instagram posted a video with a conflict at the post office. The employees demanded that Kudryavtseva put on a medical mask, but the TV presenter chose to leave the parcel delivery point empty-handed. So she protested against the mask regime.

“What is happening now is just some kind of horror. You write to me:“ We must put on a mask. ”Guys, put on a mask, put on! No need. Nobody has the right to force me. Only at my own will I can do it “, – Lera was excited.

The celebrity explained that she wears a mask because she cares about the health of the elderly. At the same time, the star emphasized that she does it voluntarily, and any attempts to force her to wear a mask cause her indignation.

Subscribers reproached the TV presenter for her stubbornness. Kudryavtseva boiled over in response to negative comments.

“And do not write me any ***! Do not piss me off! On my personal page, I am the king and god. Whoever writes insults to me, I will block instantly,” Kudryavtseva explained to those who did not approve of her behavior.

Earlier, Kudryavtseva published a post in which she stated that she was in favor of voluntary vaccination. The host of the “Secret for a Million” show emphasized that a person is not a product.

After Lera calmed down emotionally, she explained that she respects both vaccinated and unvaccinated subscribers. Kudryavtseva called everyone to peace and friendship.

Lera Kudryavtseva threw a scandal over a request to wear a mask

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