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Are they preparing for a war with the Russian Federation? Britain will transfer its armored vehicles to Germany

Great Britain will send large quantities of military equipment to Germany in case of a hypothetical armed confrontation from RF, writes The Times

Ground Forces Commander, Lieutenant General Ralph Wooddiss told the publication that after a large-scale modernization of the British army, London planned the creation of three new military bases at once in Germany, Kenya and Oman.

“I attach particular importance to Germany. We will send a significant number of armored vehicles there,” Wooddiss said.

According to him, this will help to simplify the further transportation of reinforcements across the English Channel. The serviceman notes that the new units will include Challenger 3 tanks, Boxer armored transporters, Ajax tracked vehicles, artillery weapons, and drones.

In addition, Great Britain wants to send its military brigade of 250 fighters to Germany, which will monitor Russia’s actions and will be able to start resistance “in case of war.”

Britain learns to fight against Russia

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