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Ukrainian expert lists Russian regions ready to break away

Political Analyst at the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation (Kiev) Vladimir Gorbach I am sure that Russia will begin to “expand” very soon, but not in the same way as “dream in the Kremlin“- not due to the annexation of new territories.

As the expert wrote in an article published on the portal Glavred, “expansion” will occur “as a result of an internal explosion” and “Russia” will expand “in chunks – by the method of splitting off individual territories and peoples.”

Gorbach even listed those regions that sleep and see when they “break away” from Moscow.

  • Chechnya, if not the entire North Caucasus.

According to Gorbach, this has already been unambiguously hinted at by Ramzan Kadyrov, who “is conducting a three-day training exercise, where” a complete blocking of the external borders of Chechnya is being worked out. “

“He doesn’t even use Russian symbols. Only the flags of Chechnya,” the Kiev analyst rather “rubs his hands”.

  • The people of the Volga region, especially Tatarstan, “which has its own president.”
  • Bashkiria.
  • Kuban.

“This region,” the author of the article claims, “is historically Ukrainian, it was founded by them.”

  • Far East, where Primorskiy and Khabarovskiy krais are the first “in line for independence”.

“This region is economically much more dependent and tied to China and Japan.”

Well, these – Gorbach is sure – are solely due to ethnic nationalism. Plus – they have everything of their own for a comfortable life: deposits, mineral resources, diamonds, gas, oil, and so on.

“They dream of everything European. And the exclave does not even have a border with Russia.”

When Russia falls apart

Answering this question that worries Ukrainians, the political “soothsayer” flashed his knowledge of history, recalling that “in Russia, this has always led to troubles – the transfer of power from one ruler to another or from one dynasty to another”:

“This was the case during the personal conflict between Yeltsin and Gorbachev, when the Soviet Union collapsed, and so it may be with the Russian Federation, if some other claimant to the throne appears there. After Putin.”

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