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The WHO announced the passage of the Russian Federation of the peak incidence of coronavirus

Peak incidence of coronavirus infection can be considered passed, says the director of the European Bureau of the World Health Organization Hans Kluge

He named the Russian Federation among the countries that have passed the peak of COVID-19 infections.

“In the eastern part, I would name Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, in these countries, apparently, the peak has been passed”, – quotes representative of WHO RIA Novosti.

At the same time, Kluge noted that the reduction in the number of infections in the country at the present time “does not promise success in the future.”

In this regard, the WHO representative urged the Russians to adhere to the antiquated measures introduced by the country’s authorities, stressing that they are working.

Formerly an infectious disease doctor Andrey Pozdnyakov announced the exit of the Russian Federation to the plateau of the fourth wave of COVID-19.

The physician explained the decrease in the incidence of coronavirus in the country by the fact that many Russians received immunity to it in the previous wave.

“The remaining non-sick people” disappeared “among the immune, that is, those vaccinated and recovered,” Pozdnyakov said.

Human cellular immunity and Covid 19

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