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The EP is worried that the Poles will “let down” EU money on the wall near the border with Belarus

Due to the migration crisis on Belarusian-Polish border Poland may start building a wall with money allocated by the European Union, said MEP from Italy Pierfrancesco Majorino

As the deputy stressed, the department is concerned about such plans of the Poles. In addition, the European Union allocated financial assistance to them for completely different purposes.

“Poland, which receives € 114.5 million from the EU for the protection of state borders, announced that in December it will begin construction of a wall on the border with Belarus,” Majorino quotes RT

In addition, the deputy stressed that it is “tight” with respect to human rights at the border. The Polish authorities give orders, and the military use violence against refugees and even poison them with tear gas.

“How does the European Commission intend to ensure the observance of human rights in relation to migrants and the prevention of the use of violence against them?”

Majorino also addressed the European Commission with the question of guarantees for spending the funds that were allocated to the Polish authorities. She stressed that it is necessary to control the actions of Poland and not allow the EU to finance the construction of the border wall.

Migrants in Belarus and Poland: no one has the right to violate the borders of a foreign country

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