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New mutation of covid – WHO will try to understand what it is and how to deal with it

Scientists are sounding the alarm as a new, even more “highly developed” strain of coronavirus has been discovered in patients in different parts of the world. Its resistance to vaccines heightens fears.

The new COVID-19 variant has significant changes in its adhesions that could make it immune to vaccination. In addition, according to available data, 32 mutations were found in it. By comparison, the currently dominant highly transmitted strain Delta, which has contributed to the dramatic increase in the incidence worldwide this year, has at least 11 spike mutations.

The new strain was originally discovered on 11 November in three patients in Botswana – and is thus dubbed the “Botswana variant.” To date, it has already been identified in three countries:

  • six cases in South Africa,
  • one in Hong Kong.

A Hong Kong patient (who had previously received a full course of vaccinations) came from South Africa, which gave scientists reason to believe that a new variant of covid may have spread. anywhere due to international travel.

WHO: we need to understand what we are facing this time

According to the WHO expert Maria van Kerkhove, currently less than 100 genomic sequences of this strain are known and it will take “several weeks” to study it.

Today, WHO is convening an emergency meeting at which scientists will try to understand what this strain is and how to deal with it.

British media warned of emergence of a new potentially dangerous strain of COVID-19

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