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Poland announced the threat of opening fire on the border with Belarus

President of Poland Andrzej Duda concerned about the situation with migrants, aggravated by Polish-Belarusian border… He said that the Belarusian security forces or migrants could open fire.

“We perceive this situation as a provocation, which, according to our fears, may even lead to an escalation of violence through the opening of fire from the Belarusian side – by migrants or Belarusian forces,” reports RIA News the words of the Polish leader.

He drew attention to the fact that illegal immigrants have chosen a new tactic. Now they storm the border mainly at night, dividing into groups. Duda said that the migrants are armed with dangerous objects: knives, sticks, crowbars and even tear gas. There is no doubt that Belarusian services supply refugees, he summed up.

Earlier, the Polish border guard reported that on Wednesday, November 24, about 230 migrants succeeded break into the country, they were detained and returned to the Belarusian side.

“Throwing stones at the military”: Refugees continue to break through the border with Poland

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