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Why Ruslanova’s death is doubly terrible for her daughter: “Blackened with grief”

The death of Nina Ruslanova was a terrible shock for the daughter of the artist. The actress, shortly before her death, asked her acquaintances not to leave her heiress, who is sitting without work.

The 45-year-old daughter of Ruslanova Olesya Rudakova had legs giving way next to coffin… The woman, who was simply killed by the loss of a loved one, was supported by the hand of her 12-year-old son.

Rudakova’s worries are added by the fact that she has no idea how she would live without her mother.

Seeing off Ruslanova on her last journey, actor Mikhail Vaskov said that Rudakova was left almost without everything. He explained that last will the deceased concerned Olesya.

“One of the last experiences of Nina, who was already ill, was the experience of her daughter. Olesya is out of work, and Nina asked all her friends and acquaintances to find something for her in the cinema or theater,” Komsomolskaya Pravda quotes Vaskov as saying.

Rudakova’s acting career did not work out. The woman received an additional specialty – a casting director of cinema, but the woman had not yet had time to realize herself in a new business. It is believed that Olesya will not have to live, but to survive. Rudakova is dependent on a minor son. The heiress of the actress is a single mother.

Ruslanova left her inheritance modest – a one-room apartment in Moscow.

Farewell to Nina Ruslanova

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