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Zhirinovsky called the Communist Party deputy Kharitonov a “collective farmer”

Head of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky during the discussion at a meeting of the State Duma of the case Valeria Rashkina criticized the Communist Party and named the deputy Nikolay Kharitonov “collective farmer”.

Zhirinovsky spoke negatively about the Communist Party and their ideology. When Kharitonov tried to enter the discussion without the included microphone, the LDPR leader called the parliamentarian a “collective farmer”. Zhirinovsky stressed that his party will not allow the preservation of Rashkin’s parliamentary immunity, and also demanded that the work of left-wing political forces be stopped.

“The ghost of communism must be caught, packed and hidden in the same place as the elk (shot by Rashkin. – Approx. ed.) “, – concluded the head of the Liberal Democratic Party, whose words are transmitted RIA News

In response to Zhirinovsky’s harsh criticism, parliamentarians from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation shouted “shame.”

Earlier, the State Duma agreed to attraction of Rashkin to administrative and criminal liability. According to the deputies, a criminal case under the article “Illegal hunting” will be opened against their colleagues. The accused also refused to record the state of alcoholic intoxication, which is considered an administrative offense.

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