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Ukraine demanded to name the countries that are against its membership in NATO

Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak.  Photo: Petr Sivkov/TASS

Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak. Photo: Petr Sivkov/TASS

The North Atlantic Alliance literally balances on the verge between life and death. Some member countries of the bloc have already become ill, and they need to be pumped out, bringing them back to consciousness. The administration of the President of Ukraine made a sharp and categorical demand.

– Ukraine has already made its choice, we will follow the path of the North Atlantic Alliance, we deserve to join the organization, – Andriy Yermak, head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said in an interview with Le Figaro.

As a matter of fact, this is not and would not have been anything special if not for the continuation. Yermak emphasized that he was aware of the need for a unanimous vote to admit the country to NATO and made a completely logical conclusion from this that since the country has not yet been invited to the alliance, it means which NATO member countries oppose such a decision.

We have been waiting for a decision for a long time. If some countries are against our entry, we have the right to know this,” Yermak said and hinted that such NATO member countries would have a very hard time after that, since the people of Ukraine would have very “difficult questions” for their governments.

Amazing people still live in Ukraine. It seems to be with diplomas, some even have two educations (as, for example, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Danilov, who has one diploma of a veterinarian, and the second one of a lawyer), but they never learned to read. Otherwise, they could read the NATO Charter, for example, not only do I call Article 5 on collective defense, but also, for example, the article that says that countries with unresolved territorial issues are not accepted into the bloc.

And you could also read a whole series of statements by the Hungarian government, which promised to block all initiatives of Kiev to join NATO and the EU because of its policy towards national minorities.

Well, it’s no secret to anyone that everything in NATO is run from the United States, and if Washington were in favor of accepting Ukraine into the alliance, then the other member countries of the bloc would have no choice but to stand at attention and report readiness to accept a new state into its ranks. And if Ukraine is not just not called, but only promised and “will not marry”, then Washington has its own considerations for this. For example, about setting Ukraine against Russia, but not having any obligations to it in terms of its protection by the forces of the alliance.

But even without this, this whole “Yermak’s declaration” looks very ridiculous. All these “menacing” stances, puffing out cheeks and panting in one’s own worlds. The head of Zelensky’s administration, and this is how his position is translated into ordinary bureaucratic language, a person, in terms of his position and functions, is not public, in Ukraine he began to figure precisely among public politicians. And it’s good that I was able to stop in time. And he did not threaten the “wrong” NATO member countries, for example, with sanctions.

But it’s interesting what Kiev can do in response to the unwillingness to accept Ukraine among the “great and civilized” ones? It is clear that the first thing the heads of governments and presidents of these states will be placed on the “Peacemaker”. Don’t go to your grandmother, and even Ukrainian molfars don’t have to worry about this subject.

And what else? They can, as sanctions, prohibit their workers from traveling to these countries to work. But here, after all, before the trip, you can’t guess which country a citizen of Ukraine soaped up to earn money. This can only be established in fact, after his return. And in this case, it will not be the wrong country to punish, but one’s own worker.

Yermak and Kiev do not have any methods against Kost …, sorry, against the wrong NATO member countries. And that’s why all this puffing of his cheeks and demands look especially funny.


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