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“Beauty of Russia-2021” was beaten in a Moscow karaoke club

winner "Beauty of Russia" Ekaterina Velmakina

The winner of the “Beauty of Russia” Ekaterina Velmakina

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Celebration of the Old-New Year for winners of the contest “Beauty of Russia-2021” ended badly: as it became known to the site, for a 19-year-old Ekaterina Velmakina attacked in the capital’s karaoke club “K11”.

– That evening, my friends and I were relaxing in karaoke, like all the guests, we sang songs in turn, – Ekaterina told – At some point, a company settled down at one of the neighboring tables, which began to violate the established rules. They sang endlessly while everyone else waited patiently. Half an hour later, I asked the presenter about such a situation, why all of a sudden such preferences for this table? To which I heard the answer: “This is the table of the founders.” That is, we, the guests, having paid 28 thousand rubles for three hours, turned out to be absolutely powerless next to the hosts.

19-year-old Ekaterina Velmakina was attacked in the capital's karaoke club "K11".

19-year-old Yekaterina Velmakina was attacked in the capital’s K11 karaoke club.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Tired of waiting, the winner of the beauty contest approached the singers themselves with a direct question: when will the guests wait for their turn? The answer turned out to be inadequate.

– One of the men immediately slapped me, – continues “Beauty of Russia”. – I did not expect this at all, tears poured out of my eyes, hysteria happened to me. But when I ran out into the lobby of the establishment, this man caught up with me and, in front of my friends, threw me to the floor, beating me in the face and head with his hands. There was no one to help me: if the girls intervened, they would also get it.

The victim managed to call the police, but when the guards arrived, the karaoke was already empty: the attacker fled with his friends. Velmakina herself went to the police station, however, she failed to remove the beatings that night: the ambulance that arrived turned around as soon as it found out that the police were dealing with the case. Meanwhile, two bumps now flaunt on the girl’s head: in the language of doctors – “bruise of soft tissues”.

– I went to the emergency room a few hours later on my own initiative – I realized that without this my application is worth nothing. And just in case, with a certificate from the doctor, I applied again, because at night my appeal was not processed in any way – they did not give any receipts, case numbers, and so on. I’m afraid that my case can generally be put on the brakes, – the victim admits. – After all, as I was told, the man who beat me is the owner of the establishment. And the police department is literally a stone’s throw away, I won’t be surprised that everyone knows each other well …

Title "Beauty of Russia-2021" Ekaterina Velmakina from the Moscow region won in November last year.

The title “Beauty of Russia-2021” Ekaterina Velmakina from the Moscow region won in November last year.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Recall that the title “Beauty of Russia-2021” Ekaterina Velmakina from the Moscow region won in November last year. In addition to beauty and grace, the participant conquered the jury with her singing: Katya has been singing since the age of six and has already collected a whole bunch of prestigious awards, including international ones. This year, the beauty released her first track “CSV”: she storms the rap party under the pseudonym Vevka.


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