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“Money and sex are different things”: Anastasia Volochkova spoke about the ring for 60 million rubles and found a new young boyfriend

Anastasia decided to read a poem about herself

Anastasia decided to read a poem about herself

In the most popular entertainment show of the Russian-speaking segment of Youtube “What happened next?” came Anastasia Volochkova. From the very beginning, the comedians have stated that the guest can feel, like at home, and showed where the bushes are.

As a token of respect Voronezh comedian Ilya Makarov even placed next to Volochkova a palm tree in a pot, which immediately made an indelible impression on her. The farther, the more the comedians developed the idea that the huge red-bearded bachelor Makar (that’s the name of the humorist colleagues and friends) would ideally fit the overall and unmarried Anastasia as a dream man. The 30-year-old guy was rather depressed by the protracted joke, but the gambling 45-year-old ballerina liked the idea: she tried to play along.

– Beautiful, bright, with humor, – presented himself Makarov, also going into a rage.

– Why not? – answered promptly Volochkova.

– Can I give it to him, for example? – without specifying what is meant, he asked Alexey Shcherbakov.

“You know,” retorted Anastasia, deftly remembering the joke of school times. – If you give to everyone, the bed will break.

– And money is very important, right? Can you give without money? – pressed the comedians.

– No, money, of course, is important, it is a strong energy, – the ballerina was briefly embarrassed. – Bright sex with a handsome man and big money are also different things.

Beautiful, bright, with humor, - Makarov presented himself

Beautiful, bright, with humor, – Makarov presented himself

This was such a fun episode. Scream. And what stories did the ballerina tell! And about how she rested with men on a yacht in Turkish Alania, and how she was allegedly lost at the reception in the heat of revelry, and about the ring donated by her boyfriend for 60 million rubles, and about Nikita Dzhigurda too. What the comedians didn’t hear that evening (the episode was released on January 13 and has already gained almost 12 million views). Of course, not without branded twine.

In addition, despite the absence of a stool in the studio, Anastasia decided to read a poem about herself, written by the poet Orlusha. To make everyone laugh even more.

“I am Anastasia Volochkova,

My dad is Porfiry Ivanov (in the original – Volochkov, but for some reason the ballerina decided to write down the famous preacher of extreme healthy lifestyle as the father, who walked in the snow in winter in his shorts – Auth.),

Closer to the finale of the issue, the

Closer to the finale of the issue, the “newlyweds” Volochkova and Makarova gently hugged, but still did not kiss each other

My life has been messed up

I only fall in love with assholes.”

Closer to the finale of the release of “We Got Married” Volochkova and Makarova gently embraced, but still did not kiss each other, because, as Anastasia emphasized, there was no date yet. As a sign of warm friendship, she gave him a flashlight, and he gave her glasses.

– And we will have light and what to drink from, – Ilya summed up.

– And do not say! Anastasia supported. – You put it in the room like that, turn it off – and romance!

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