4 reasons to send your child to folk dancing

With the emergence of various choreographic projects that are broadcast on TV, the interest in choreography among children and their parents has grown significantly today. Therefore, more attention was paid to choreography, dancing and various physical training.

Parents understand how important it is for full development to study their own and other cultures and that choreography classes can develop universal values: they teach to be attentive, patient and responsible. That is why earlier in women’s gymnasiums choreography was considered a compulsory subject. It was highly rated, like other disciplines of education.

Today, many types of dances are popular: sports, ballroom, modern, musicals, as well as folk dances. The latter are a kind of basis for creativity and the main component of aesthetic education. They connect all moments of musical as well as spiritual development. Ballet dancer in the past, teacher, candidate of pedagogical sciences Anna Vartapetova named 4 reasons why a child should be given to folk dancing.

Why do children need folk dances

  • discipline and order

Dancing is an excellent opportunity to discipline children and teach them to work hard in order to achieve their goals. It is better to send children to dance at the age of 4, by the age of 6 they perfectly understand the basic rules of behavior in the classroom, as well as the rules for communicating with the choreographer.

  • physical health

Folk dances can have a beneficial effect on the child’s body, in particular, on his joints, heart function and blood circulation. This is due to the same effect on the muscles of the body. Moreover, dancing is not traumatic when compared with professional sports. Therefore, they have absolutely no contraindications.

Regular lessons in folk dances, monotonous memorization of the movements of various parts, tracks, elements and combinations is a very powerful training for children’s memory. Also, the child will be able to better navigate the time. These children begin to develop

  • excerpt,
  • persistence,
  • persistence,
  • activity,
  • independence.

Touring – this one word is magical and enchanting for every creative team. When enrolling your baby in a choreographic ensemble, do not forget to ask if children have tours and at what specific age the child will travel outside his city.

Usually, children aged 11-12 are already free to travel outside the city, but must be accompanied by their leaders. Public performances in other cities make you motivate and try hard for all the guys without exception.

Folk dances with choreography are able to bring up honesty, decency and kindness in young talents. They teach courtesy and kindness. And these qualities are the main factor in the foundations of aesthetic education. Well, in order to make progress in dancing, to enjoy the results and the beauty of the work done, only one desire is enough – to want to dance!

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