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What Russia could get from Kazakhstan in gratitude for help after the pogroms

Now that Russia has helped Kazakhstan so much, saved it from chaos, civil war, arson and robbery, it is necessary that specific friendly steps be taken towards Russia

Now that Russia has helped Kazakhstan so much, saved it from chaos, civil war, arson and robbery, it is necessary that specific friendly steps be taken towards Russia


Sometimes you feel ashamed to ask, and then it’s too late. Gorbachev, for example, allowed the two Germanys to unite, and took nothing for Russia. But in vain. Now that Russia has helped Kazakhstan so much, saved it from chaos, civil war, arson and robbery, it seems to me that specific friendly steps should be taken towards Russia:

– Why shouldn’t Kazakhstan stop stepping on the Cyrillic alphabet?;

– And return to schools the previous number of hours of the Russian language and literature;

– It is necessary that Kazakhstan does not allow cases of squeezing Russian Kazakhs out of work, so that the state is attentive to cases of oppression. In the USSR, when applying to universities, there was a percentage for the “National Academy”. Kazakhstan should also, in my opinion, ensure that Russians and other peoples are represented in universities and in various spheres of life in accordance with their percentage;

– We need to start destroying those evil historical myths that have been spreading in Kazakhstan since the 90s. The fact that the Russians allegedly deliberately staged a famine there (it must be explained that it was also in the Volga region, that these were the consequences of the Civil War, and that the famine was the result of the inept actions of the Bolsheviks of different nationalities, who came from the bottom and simply were not strong in the economy) . The Kazakh authorities should pay attention to what they teach about Russia in school;

Given that the Ministry of Information was headed by Askar Umarov, known for his furious Russophobic statements, now, of course, it is not clear how to conduct such explanatory work. But this strange appointment (not to say a challenge) should not discourage us. Russia should not be shy about declaring to its allies about its interests and wishes. We cannot help everyone “for nothing” at the expense of our taxpayers.

Russia should make documentaries and TV programs about how the Kazakhs became allies of the empire, how the Russians built the Verny fortress – Alma-Ata (my great-grandfather built it, by the way), which was generally done by the Russians for Kazakhstan. Do not be shy to remind about opera, and about ballet, and about museums to which Russian, Jewish, Polish, German, Korean and other researchers (I list the different peoples of Kazakhstan) brought the results of their work. It is necessary to tell how Russians and others collected Kazakh folklore, translated it into Russian, printed it, how Moscow praised Kazakh poets, writers, musicians…

And who were the teachers of the first Kazakh schools and universities? Who brought knowledge of physics, chemistry, linguistics, etc. to the Kazakh steppes? Not the Americans…

We bashfully keep silent about this out of our “great power” delicacy. But in vain. Indeed, from the side of the enemies of Russia, fables are poured into the ears of the Kazakhs that they were a colony. It is necessary that the Kazakh media tell the people what the colonies really are, and how the life of the North American Indians differed, and still differs, from the life of the small peoples of Russia and Kazakhstan.

It is necessary to popularize the works and statements of the prominent Kazakh scientist of the 19th century, Chokan Valikhanov, a true friend of Russia and an educator of his people. And one should not forget about living talented Kazakhs when doing more interviews with them in the Russian media. (Millions of Russians love Roza Rymbaeva, Dimash, Imanbek Zeikenov, Saule Yusupova and other gifted Kazakhs).

Now it is also “archival”, as Lenin would say, to show that Russia in January 2022 did not occupy Kazakhstan, as the nationalists shout, but saved it from certain death. Yes, the Russian media explain this, but the Kazakh ones should do it with tripled force. Show the families of the officers who had their heads cut off. Show families whose businesses have been looted. Show how the CSTO forces guarded the strategically important objects of Kazakhstan, dangerous to the population if the bandits captured them. Tell us how much the reconstruction of the burnt magnificent buildings in Alma-Ata will cost. Make sure that everyone understands: Russia helped because the country could turn into a dangerous one not for Tokayev or Nazarbayev, but for you personally. Having plundered the shops, the bandits, who had wormed their way into the midst of people really thirsting for economic changes, would have already gone to their homes and apartments, because there is no government and no police.

We must also talk about the fact that the transformation of Kazakhstan into a second Afghanistan – bloody and narcotic, is not only possible, but most likely would have happened with anarchy. And the war with Russia for the northern territories could well have happened later. Not because Russia wants them! But because the West would have skillfully fomented the conflict, as it did in Ukraine. They would offend the Russians there, they would place military bases …

Much can be done to bring Russia and Kazakhstan closer together. And first of all, today it is the concern of Kazakhstan. Since Russia has already proved its loyalty.


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