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An American carried a child with a coronavirus in the trunk of a car

Sarah Beam is a school teacher by profession

Sarah Beam is a school teacher by profession

The judge found no reason to initiate criminal prosecution, but did not close case against the Americanwho brought her 13-year-old son to the COVID-19 testing facility in the trunk of her car.

A nurse heard a strange noise from the trunk. She asked the female driver to open it and saw a teenager lying on his side.

The police were immediately called, who found the child already in the car. However, CCTV cameras recorded that the boy was in the passenger seat immediately after the call was made to law enforcement officers.

The mother explained that her son tested positive for COVID-19, and she did not want to pick up the disease from him.

Sarah Beam is a school teacher by profession. The administration of the educational institution, having learned from the news about her methods of complying with quarantine measures and raising her own child, temporarily suspended her from working with children. The police took the case to court.

The judge, who released Sarah on $1,500 bail, shrugged his shoulders and said that he did not find a suitable article in the criminal code for her prosecution, but would charge Beam with child abuse. In the meantime, the local prosecutor’s office is conducting its own investigation, trying, among other things, to find out how long the lady drove her child in the trunk and whether he received the necessary medical care.

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