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Australia’s lockdowns have made avocados CHEAPER so why is smashed avo still SO expensive

Australia is enjoying a bumper crop of avocados with the trendy green fruit flooding supermarkets and driving the price down to a third of the usual cost. 

But as lockdown lifts and city dwellers can once again head to cafes for a healthy brunch, don’t expect the price of the foodie-blog famous smashed avocado on toast to be any cheaper. 

Farmers have planted more avocado trees thanks to strong demand from consumers resulting in record harvests and the price for buyers has plunged from $3 to $1. 

Vaccinated Sydney residents can once again head to the cafe for brunch but don’t expect the cheap price of avocados at the supermarket to make smashed avo any cheaper (file image)

‘Lovers of Aussie avocados are really in the best place right now,’ Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas said. 

According to the peak industry body new orchards planted in the last five years are ‘hitting their stride’ this year and providing an abundance of fruit. 

This had been fueled by an increase in demand with Australians eating on average 4kg each of the fruit this year which is expected to rise to 5kg next year. 

‘Australia’s production from now until Christmas is expected to be up 150% more than last year,’ Mr Tyas said.

The huge production increase has coincided with cafes being unable to serve the popular dish thanks to months of lockdowns in the huge markets of Sydney and Melbourne has further driven prices down. 

While hospitality venues have been open for takeaway, this has generally been for lunch and dinner.  

Mr Tyas said the hospitality industry accounts for 20 per cent of the overall market.

The 2017-2019 drought has lifted, combined with farmers planting more avocado trees has resulted in massive supplies of the trendy fruit (file image)

He added the 2017 to 2019 drought, which affected much of the sub-tropical and temperate growing areas had lifted in the last two years providing plenty of rainfall. 

‘This year’s Hass crop is of excellent quality, we’ve had good growing conditions across most of our production regions.’ 

Western Australia is on track to break their record for avocado production this year.

Across the whole of Australia yearly production is expected to double to 170,000 tonnes over the next four years.  

As restaurants and brunch hotspots once again open up in Sydney after 106 days of lockdown, with Melbourne soon to follow, it’s unlikely the cheap price will be passed on to customers.

The popular avocado on toast is a cafe staple and the expensive dish was once even famously blamed as the reason younger generations couldn’t afford a house deposit.

Sydney venues which have barely been able top keep afloat during the the last two years are struggling to make money where they can.

Prices have dropped from $3 to $1 at supermarkets which industry body Avocados Australia says will likely stay (file image)

Popular Manly hangout Vini’s is serving up their ‘Bella’ breakfast of avocados, roma tomato and Persian feta for $16, while Kirribilli’s Celsius coffee has a similar dish for $16. 

In Chippendale, 101Kissa is serving up their vegetarian breakfast which has the above plus broccolini and eggs for $16.90 and the Social Brew at Pyrmont is erving up their smoked salmon, avocado and buttermilk dressing for $17. 

However, if you’re out west you may be able to get a bargain with Paper plane at Parramatta offering avo on toast for $14.50 and nearby  Lil Miss Collins have the dish for an eye-catching $7.90 

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