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Despite Box-Office Success, The New Candyman Turns Out To Be A Disappointment

‘Candyman’ might be raking in dollars, but critics say it is a bad film. What works in the horror movie reimagining and what doesn’t?

The first #1 film directed by a Black woman might not be that good. ‘Candyman’ is one of the biggest success stories in Hollywood right now. Despite being a genre film with horror themes, the movie instantly became successful with the audiences returning to theatres. But, critics are divided about the quality of the film.

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‘Candyman’ ended in the box office as the restrictions around movie theatres eased out. With easing restrictions and other measures, several movies were released at once. The horror movie fought against Disney’s ‘Free Guy’.

Despite box-office success, the new ‘Candyman’ fails at being a good film
Despite box-office success, the new ‘Candyman’ fails at being a good film

However, the movie has become a success, earning $22.3 million on its first weekend. It was directed by Nia DaCosta, the director of the upcoming MCY movie ‘Marvels‘. Another reason for its success might be that Jordan Peele is producing the film. Jordan is known for pulling together some stellar horror stories. His filmography includes the instant classics, ‘Get Out’ and ‘Us’. It was also not streaming on any other platform, making it exclusively available in theatres and making the movie shine at the box office.

‘Candyman’ box office success is also a remake of a 1990s classic horror film. The original ‘Candyman’ is a classic in the horror film genre and has many fans worldwide. A remake earning the praise of fans isn’t new, but a horror film becoming no.1 in the United States is rare. Blockbusters usually belong in the drama or action-adventure departments. However, ‘Candyman’ has succeeded, but it hasn’t done enough to convince the critics.


‘Candyman’ 2021 movie review on “Rotten Tomatoes” currently stands at 82%, and the “Metacritic” score for the film is 72. These might seem like great scores, but the previous Jordan Peele movie ‘Get Out’ sits at 98% on “Rotten Tomatoes” and has an impressive score of 85 on “Metacritic”. When you’re bringing in a powerhouse of creators for a horror film, you expect universal acclaim and not just “generally positive” reviews.

So, what is bringing the movie down? “Vulture” critic Angelica Jade Bastien says,

“This Candyman misunderstands the allure of the original and has nothing meaningful to say about the contemporary ideas it observes with all the scrutiny of someone rushing through a Starbucks order on their way to work”.

The movie feels rushed and not well-made especially from auteurs like DaCosta and Peele. The film lacks the imagination present in the original and shies away from the calculated risks that the original horror movie took. In a sense, it is a good slasher film and an excellent horror, but it does not live up to the promise offered by the creators behind it.

Angelica also says that the film lacks a perception of the original. The original film saw a slave reborn as a killer who hunts down Black people. It was an allegory for racism wrapped up in the eroticism of Clive Barker. In the new movie, DaCosta tries to thread the needle and tell a coherent story, losing the agency of the film.

The ‘Candyman’ 2021 movie review appreciates the steps of the creativity the director has taken, but there is a lot that is lacking.


It will be wrong to think of ‘Candyman’ as a bad film. After all, ‘Candyman’ box office success and reviews indicate that it has impressed many people. However, the movie lacks a few pointers. Eileen Jones from “Jacobin Mag” said,

“To be fair, it’s quite a challenge to take on a sequel to such a discombobulating cult classic, and the screenwriters of the new ‘Candyman’ — DaCosta, Peele, and Win Rosenfeld — are trying to do some sensible things”.

The original film delved into the weird while the new one tried to make sense of the convoluted plotline. The only problem is, the original worked because of the bizarre premise and the darkness brought along with it. While race allegories and the darkness behind slavery require repeated retellings, the remake of a horror movie might not have been the right place. It also misses the woods for the trees, focusing on the story’s potential and missing out on the overwhelming themes of eroticism and darkness that make the original tick.

No, ‘Candyman’ 2021 is not a bad film, but, it is not good either, it lies in mediocrity, and that’s the biggest mistake it makes.

While Nia DaCosta has cruised to box office success with her latest film, ‘Candyman’ hasn’t been an overwhelming success. Several critics say that interpreting the film with logic has made it stand as a bland production. It might be bringing in big bucks for the studio, but, for people critiquing, something went missing halfway.

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