1 trillion rubles will earn business and the state on the labeling of alcohol, the Ministry of Finance calculated

The Research Financial Institute of the Ministry of Finance of Russia reported that the share of illicit trafficking in sales of cider, mead and other fermented drinks is 44.71% of the market, vermouth and other flavored grape wines – 38.59%, beer – 26.92%, especially distinguished small and medium producers. Distilled and rectified drinks (including vodka, whiskey, moonshine and other strong drinks) – 19.58%, wines – 16.44%, sparkling and carbonated wines – 15.67%.


From April 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022, an experiment is being conducted in Russia to digitally label beer and low-alcohol drinks (cider, poiret and mead). During the “pilot”, each bottle is marked with the Data Matrix code issued by Chestny ZNAK. A couple of days ago it became known that brewers will start labeling their products from April 1, 2023 – first kegs, later bottles, then cans. The labeling experiment for all spirits was supposed to start on June 1, 2022, but in March it was postponed until better times – until next year.


Experts note that after the introduction of universal digital labeling of alcohol, budget revenues will increase significantly. The total balance of state revenues and expenditures over 6 years will be positive and will amount to more than 1 trillion rubles. And the Russian budget due to the increase in the collection of excises will additionally receive more than 100 billion rubles annually.

According to the estimates of the same Research Financial Institute of the Ministry of Finance of Russia, collections of only tax on profits from fermented drinks will increase by 10.6% (+4.97 billion rubles), in strong alcohol – by 12.1% (+8.51 billion rubles). ), from sparkling and carbonated wines – by 16.2% (+0.44 billion), from vermouth and other flavored wines – 16.9% (+0.13 billion), from wines – by 28.8% ( +2.28 billion) and by 30.1% of beer (+0.2 billion rubles). The collection of excise taxes, personal income tax, insurance premiums will also grow … Let us remind you that social programs and sports are developing in our country with this money.

Legal producers will benefit from the fact that illegal producers will leave the market, which will increase the market share. The balance of income and expenses of the state and business will be: in fermented drinks – 6.1 billion rubles, in vermouth and other flavored drinks – 7.4 billion rubles, in sparkling and carbonated wines – 23 billion rubles, in traditional wines – 85 .4 billion rubles, and in beer and strong alcohol – a giant 309.2 billion and 581 billion rubles. respectively.

At the same time, no one will notice the cost of labeling one bottle – the quality, which means the safety of drinks, will become much higher, and prices, oddly enough, will not change. Costs will be in the field of strong alcohol – 1.2 rubles. per bottle, for sparkling wines – 1.37 rubles, for grape wines – 33 kopecks, for beer – 65 kopecks. Which, against the background of the general level of prices for alcohol, looks like a statistical error.

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