″To the point″ – DW talk show about Belarus and Russia | ″To the point″ – talk show for Belarus and about Belarus | DW

The hosts of the programs are journalists Olga Kapustina, Katya Artyomenko and Elena Barysheva. Every week they discuss current events in Belarus and Russia with the guests in the studio, and also provide the audience with a look at them from Germany and Europe. On the air – only the most important and sensitive topics.

The format of the program is a press club: the guests in the studio are journalists and independent experts. But viewers themselves can also become participants: leave your questions and comments under the release announcements in Telegram channels “DW Belarus” and “D.W. Main”. Our hosts will read the most interesting of them on the air.

The talk show “To the Point” is released once a week on YouTube channels. “DW Belarus” and “DW in Russian”. The recording program is also published on DW website. The first issue was released on April 2, 2022.

All episodes of the talk show “To the very point” on YouTube

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