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The investigative publication “Proekt” has identified the names of 166 Russian military, giving orders during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Only 39 of them (23 percent) have real combat experience, according to materialpublished on the publication’s website on Monday, May 23.

The average income of an officer who now commands the ground forces in 2019 was about 270 thousand rubles a month, a General Staff officer – about 300 thousand, commanders of military districts and individual branches of the military – about 900 thousand. At the same time, ordinary soldiers received no more than 50 thousand rubles a month.

According to the publication, every third top commander Russian army, participating in the war in Ukraine, has debts, including housing and communal services and alimony, five of them were brought to administrative responsibility. Every fifth commander had traffic police fines, while every sixth commander did not pay them on time.

Troops participating in the war in Ukraine

As the investigators of the “Project” established, before the war Russia concentrated at the borders of Ukraine at least 20 percent of the personnel of the armed forces of the Russian Federation in four directions of attack. In total, the Russian army has about 900 thousand people.

According to the “Project”, all units of the Russian Armed Forces capable of going on the offensive are participating in the war in Ukraine: all ground armies – 11 combined arms and one tank, all offensive forces of the Airborne Forces, all reconnaissance formations, marines of all four fleets, self-propelled artillery, bomber, attack and fighter aircraft.

The 15th Alexandria motorized rifle brigade from the Samara region is also participating in the invasion – the only peacekeeping unit in the country that Russia has the right to send to resolve international conflicts under the auspices of the UN.

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