Expert: The new German authorities may begin to arm Ukraine

Representatives of the Green Party coming to power in Germany can strengthen Ukraine with weapons and advisers. About this on November 26 to the correspondent IA REGNUM said the Russian publicist, Germanist
Timofey Borisov

“In the West, the option is being discussed with the strengthening of the armed forces of Ukraine with advisers and the supply of weapons,” the expert said.

“The representatives of the Green Party coming to power in Germany in the coming days have the illusion that a stronger Ukraine could put political pressure on Russia so that Moscow would leave the LPR to fend for itself,” Borisov said.

“One of the co-chairs of the Greens Robert Habek, who will be the Minister of Economy and Environment in the new government, recently spoke out in favor of the need to supply weapons to Kiev. This will now be the most real danger in relation to the games with Ukraine with the arrival of …

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