Expert: Zelensky will force Akhmetov to compromise and losses

Mention of name Rinat Akhmetova in the plans of the alleged coup d’etat in Ukraine suggests that the oligarch will be forced to compromise. This was announced on November 26 to the correspondent IA REGNUM Member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation Bohdan Bezpalko

“The mention of Akhmetov in the context of information about the allegedly planned coup d’etat speaks of the existing contradictions between him and Vladimir Zelensky“, – said the expert.

“At the same time, the reservations of Vladimir Zelensky that he himself does not believe in the participation of the oligarch in the conspiracy, and that he, Akhmetov, is allegedly forced to do so by his entourage, suggests that Zelensky does not want a tough conflict and offers him a compromise,” said Bezpalko.

“Most likely, Akhmetov will be forced to compromise with certain losses, like other oligarchs. In particular, Privat-Bank should also undergo privatization —…

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