Losses of Ukraine can be significantly reduced: expert on the launch of Nord Stream 2

It is strange that the IMF, actively lending to Ukraine, was worried about the losses from the commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, and not all the other losses of the Ukrainian economy, the effective development of which the fund seems to be trying to promote, he told the correspondent IA REGNUM Director of the Capital Market Department at UNIVER Capital Artyom Lyutik

“The main thing is that these other types of losses, in contrast to the Russian-German gas pipeline, can be very easily influenced by the Ukrainian authorities.
For example, thanks to the policy of Kiev, Ukraine has been losing money for many years from the supply of water and electricity to Crimea, and if it is still possible to resume the use of the North Crimean Canal, then the peninsula no longer needs electricity from Ukraine.
Also, the Ukrainian economy suffers from the rupture of economic relations with the republics of Donbass and Russia, …

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