Stinking Christmas trees and 27 cup holders: Telegram voices of the country and about the country

During the outgoing week, Telegram channels shared with readers a lot of entertaining and curious stories: medieval “veterans”, Christmas trees with a special sickening scent, and much more. Read the most interesting in our review.

Central Federal District

In the city of Kovrov, Vladimir region, equipment is being purchased for a new maternity hospital. Among the usual purchases, there was one exotic, which attracted the attention of the public due to the name of its supplier. Devices for resuscitation of newborns in the maternity hospital were supplied by the Chelyabinsk Machine-Tool Plant. “ProVladimirā€¯Reports that the plant sells such devices exclusively to Kovrov, but in general the plant is unprofitable and makes machines.

The residents of Kaluga were not happy for long that they could fly from the city directly to Egypt. “Kaluga dreamer“Reports that planes from Kaluga to Egypt will no longer fly …

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