A solemn ceremony of launching a new power transmission line took place in South Ossetia

In South Ossetia, on November 26, a solemn ceremony of launching a backup power transmission line (PTL) from Russia through the Roki tunnel took place. Reported by the agency “Res”.

According to journalists, the president of the republic pressed the start button Anatoly Bibilov, Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Rashid Nurgaliev and head of the Presidential Directorate for Interregional and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries Igor Maslov

“You cannot imagine how important it is for every resident of South Ossetia, because a power outage even for two or three hours in any republic becomes a state of emergency. And when it comes to days, weeks, we understand in what state the republic has lived all these years “, – Bibilov said at the ceremony.

He thanked everyone who took part in the project, and noted that a number of complex technical solutions had to be solved to build a backup power line. The president…

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