Famous Afghan poet Barat Ali Fadai Kherawi dies at death

Died in Afghanistan Barat Ali Fadai Heravi, a famous poet in the country. According to the Shafaqna news agency, on Thursday, April 25, Herat’s cultural figures announced the death of Heravi.

He was around 92 years old and reportedly battling the disease for several years.

Harim Raz is a selection of the most important works of Barat Ali Fadai Kheravi – Crying of Blood, Treasure of Secrets, Secrets of Speech, Path of Light and Treasures in Ruins, which were previously published in separate editions.

Ali Fadai Kheravi had a reputation as the author of “Poetry of Resistance”, his poems were very popular among the people. He was known as the “Sheikh of the Poets” because of his many years of creative activity.

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