In Kamchatka, a woman left a child in a car for almost three hours

A woman living in Kamchatka closed her one and a half-year-old son in a car for almost three hours, while she went to a beauty salon. This was reported on November 26 by the press service of the Russian MIA Administration for the Kamchatka Territory.

It is noted that the duty unit of the police department No. 1 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky received a message that a young child was in one of the parked cars for a long time without adults.

It is also indicated that the police arrived at the place of the call and found a Mitsubishi Outlander car there, in the back seat of which there was a little boy without adults in the car seat. After that, law enforcement officers tried to attract the attention of the car owner to approach his vehicle by trying to turn on the car alarm, but the owner did not appear.

“Since the child was alone in a locked car for a long time, endangered, the police took …

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