An official and a deputy stood up for the mayor of Yaroslavl

Voices in support of the mayor of the city began to be heard in Yaroslavl Vladimir Volkov and against the United Russia deputy Oleg Nenilin, who demanded the resignation of the mayor. Reported by the correspondent IA REGNUM

First, the chairman of the United Russia faction in the municipality disowned Nenilin’s statement Alexander Degtyarev… This was followed by statements by a deputy of the same faction Dmitry Sokolov and deputy mayor Vyacheslav Gavrilova

“I have been working with the deputies of the municipality for several years. We discuss, argue, find solutions, almost always. Therefore, Oleg Nenilin’s statement at yesterday’s municipality deeply hurt and very upset. Reproaches from the mayor’s office, and therefore to me, relate to important issues in the life of the city, but they were voiced on the run and piled up in a heap. I believe that despite all the difficulties, we are able to do a lot together. We continue to work! “, …

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