The Jewish Autonomous Region closed the school due to the excess concentration of radon fumes

A high concentration of radon was found in a school in the village of Yekaterino-Nikolskoye, Oktyabrsky District, Jewish Autonomy. The court decided to suspend the education of children in the building for 60 days, the correspondent was told IA REGNUM November 26 at the press service of the regional government.

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Excess concentration of substances hazardous to the health of children was found in two classrooms of the school. The administration of the Oktyabrsky district insists on stopping classes only in these offices, and not in the entire building of the educational institution. The authorities of the municipality intend to appeal the court decision to suspend the work of the entire school, but so far the children are being distributed to other premises.

“The initial link will move to the building of the kindergarten – there is a free office there …

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