The oldest carved pendant in Eurasia was found by archaeologists in Poland

The oldest ivory pendant in Eurasia was found by archaeologists in the Polish Steinja Cave. This was announced on November 25 by the scientific journal Scientific Reports.

Using radiocarbon analysis, it was found that the decoration was made about 41,500 years ago, during the Early Upper Paleolithic. The thickness of the pendant is only 3.7 mm, which, according to scientists, speaks of the high skill of the ancient jeweler. A through hole has been made in the pendant and it is decorated with an ornament of more than 50 dot-marks arranged in a loop.

It is specified that the pendant is the most ancient ornamented adornment found in Eurasia. Scientists believe that the appearance of ornament on items indicates the appearance of abstract thinking in people in the Paleolithic era. Archaeologists suggest that the pattern on the pendant may be a counting tablet or a diagram of the phases of the moon.

It is noted that jewelry similar to the found pendant was found by anthropologists in different regions …

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