Second plane with migrants departed from Belarus to Iraq

The second Iraqi Airways plane with Iraqi migrants on board took off from Minsk to Erbil on the morning of November 26. This follows from the data on the online scoreboard of the Minsk airport.

Follow the development of events in the broadcast: “Aggravation on the border of Belarus and Poland: migrants rush to the EU – broadcast”

The plane of the Iraqi airline took off at 02:45 (local time coincides with Moscow).

It should be reminded that this week’s first flight by Iraqi Airways, evacuating Iraqi migrants from Belarus, flew to Erbil on the evening of November 25. Several more flights are planned, which will take out from Belarus more than a thousand Iraqis who wished to return to their homeland.

Earlier, on November 18, 400 migrants flew from Minsk to Iraq. November 22 – 118 more.

As previously reported IA REGNUM, a spokesman for the Iraqi Foreign Ministry Ahmed al-Sahaf announced the evacuation …

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