Alley of Sphinxes opened in Luxor after lengthy restoration

The grand opening of the three-meter alley of the sphinxes after a lengthy restoration took place in the Egyptian Luxor. The opening ceremony was broadcast live on Egyptian television on 25 November.

The Alley of the Sphinxes, connecting the Karnak and Luxor ancient Egyptian temples, was restored to its original form. The large-scale opening ceremony lasted about two hours; ancient Egyptian temples were involved in it as an entourage. Famous Egyptian artists took part in the gala concert on the occasion of the opening of the Alley of the Sphinxes, and the opening ceremony ended with a festive fireworks.

Avenue of the Sphinxes, or Tari-al-Kibash, 2,700 meters long and seven meters wide, served as a place for solemn processions during religious festivals. The last restoration, thanks to which the Allee was restored to its original appearance, began in 2010. Illegal buildings were demolished, and a section of the path mentioned in ancient texts was cleared. During archaeological excavations from under …

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