The United States declared the complete inability of the Russian army to fight in Europe

The Russian army is incapable of a prolonged war on the territory of Europe due to limited logistics capabilities. On November 25, military analyst Alex Vershinin writes about this in an article for the American edition of War on the Rocks.

According to the author, damage to key railway junctions in the areas bordering with Russia will create huge difficulties in supplying the Russian army if it wants to fight with Europe. Vershinin also pointed out the differences in the railway track gauge in Russia and in Europe, which can also create difficulties in logistics.

The journalist concludes that Russia is capable of unleashing a lightning war on its borders, but in the event of full-scale military operations in Europe, the capabilities of the Russian army are limited. In addition, the author argues that pulling the Russian army away from its major logistics hubs will allow NATO forces to increase their advantage in the conflict zone.

Previously IA REGNUM reported that by …

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