Another US Congress delegation arrives in Taiwan

The second US congressional delegation in the past month has visited Taiwan, according to the South China Morning Post.

According to her, five members of the Democratic and Republican parties of the United States arrived on the island on a C-40 Clipper military aircraft. Democrat led the American delegation Mark Tokano… They are expected to meet with the head of administration of Taiwan on November 26 Tsai Yingwenand will also hold talks with the head of the island’s military department.

At the same time, the American side confirmed the arrival of a delegation from the United States. The United States Mission in Taipei stressed that security issues in the region will be discussed. It is clarified that this visit was not advertised earlier.

As reported IA REGNUM, earlier sources of the Reuters agency announced a possible visit of the next American delegation to Taiwan. According to them, US representatives will discuss the protection of the island from threats …

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