Death toll from clashes in Sudanese Darfur rises to 43

At least 43 people have died in clashes in the Sudanese state of Western Darfur, according to a report from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of the Humanitarian Mission in Sudan.

“On November 17, a conflict erupted between Arab nomads and farmers from the Messeriya Jebel tribe.”, – specified in the organization.

According to them, as a result of the clashes, at least 43 people were killed, another 46 villages were burned and looted. So far, no information has been received on the number of victims. At the same time, there is already information about the missing, including children.

As reported IA REGNUMEarlier, the authorities of Western Darfur state accused government forces of attacking the Jebel Moon area. According to them, during the clashes, 21 people died, another 20 were injured of varying severity.

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