Expert: Gazprom has political reasons in its confrontation with Moldova

The reason for the dispute between Gazprom and Moldova lies not only in the commercial plane, there are also political reasons. This was announced on October 25 to the correspondent. IA REGNUM Deputy Director of the Institute for Energy and Finance Alexey Belogoryev

“There is a political component here, but Gazprom will never admit it,” the expert said.

“In general, Gazprom usually does not agree to such an aggravation, especially a public one, if there are no more serious reasons of a political nature of a higher level,” the expert noted.

“Gazprom is a closed company and shares information with great care. And if it aggravates, then there is usually something behind it, something more than just a contradiction in prices, even more so in terms of payment, ”concluded Belogoryev.

Let us remind you that on November 22 the Gazprom corporation announced through its representatives that gas supplies to Moldova could be stopped. Later in …

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